Water ice has been detected in several KBOs

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cheap hats His slugging percentage was.238. But he won a Gold Glove replica snapbacks, you say. And a Rookie of the Year award! He was a three time All Star! And he stole a lot of bases! Actually, Guillen was caught on almost 40 percent of his attempts. Water ice has been detected in several KBOs, including 1996 TO66, 38628 Huya and 20000 Varuna. In 2004, determined the existence of crystalline water ice and ammonia hydrate on one of the largest known KBOs, 50000 Quaoar. Both of these substances would have been destroyed over the age of the Solar System, suggesting that Quaoar had been recently resurfaced, either by internal tectonic activity or by meteorite impacts.. cheap hats

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