The Trek HD earned three out of five stars on AT Eco Rating 2

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supreme hats 48 minutes of zone? Go for it. Seven seconds or less? Feel free. Confetti instead of water in the bucket trick? Have at it.. You can add the AT Trek HD to a new or existing Mobile Share Value plan for $10 per month.”The Trek HD is a big step forward for AT in terms of developing affordable products with premium features. Not only is this our first AT branded tablet, it’s the first tablet in our entire portfolio with Lollipop already installed, so when you buy the Trek HD you’re getting the most advanced Android operating system at a great value on the network with the nation’s strongest 4G LTE signal.” Jeff Bradley, senior vice president, Device Marketing and Developer Services, AT Mobility.The Trek HD earned three out of five stars on AT Eco Rating 2.0 system. The new rating system rates the environmental and social factors of AT branded handset devices and tablets. supreme hats

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